Internet Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

from Desmond Mantor

A properly planned marketing strategy opens the door to the success of online business. But even the best minds do make mistakes that result in failures. It helps to know some possible mistakes and avoid the pitfalls in preparing your strategies.

1. Not focusing on the right market Picking the right market is the most important part of a marketing plan. Right products for the right markets is the motto you should always practice. A very good product placed in a wrong market can lead to a disaster. Employ some tools to select the right market and also invest time in searching for the most suitable keywords that fit the market.

2. Dropping your present customers from the marketing plan Another mistake is not including your existing customers in your target segment. It is easier to retain a customer than get a new customer. If you don't serve the existing customer they will leave you. Also, a current customer has good things to tell about your products to others and chances are that their friends will buy from you after hearing them. Therefore you have a good chance of picking up new customers.

3. Be careful with hard sell A big mistake made in all the marketing plans is making each web page a sales copy. Sales promotion on the whole web site makes it uninteresting and the user also feels forced to read each page. Do not make the visitor feel forced to buy your products because pressurizing the visitors will just make you lose a prospective client. Selling is an art. Do it in a more subtle and sophisticated way.

4. Offering no content Many web site owners are so excited with the whole idea of doing online business that they just forget that real content is required to keep the visitor hooked to your web site. Making money is important but at the same time it is important to offer good information to build goodwill amongst the customers. Content is very important to keep the visitor's interest intact when he/she visits the web site. Just offering advertisements on your web site will never result in good sales. Only quality content can help you.

5. Ineffective Web Site For many web site owners an effective web site translates into a dazzling and flashy web site, which looks like an eye candy. This may not always be right. There are many other ways of making an effective web site. For example, include a powerful headline, which will surely entice the reader. Another way is to offer testimonials. Visitors take it more seriously if the products or services are supported by testimonials.

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