Getting Started

To launch Link Checker is very easy and straightforward. During the installation process, the installation program will create shortcuts to launch Link Checker for you. Once installed you can start Link Checker by going to Start -> Programs -> Link Checker Free Edition -> Link Checker.

Going through this very short tutorial will get you up and going with Link Checker, ready to create and launch your own checking campaigns, and will give you neat ideas you can use later when you plan your own campaigns. We're going to walk you through every step to sending your first test checking.

Start Your First Checking Project

The following steps will guide you create and launch a simple campaign.

Step 1 - Creating a Project
Click New Project on the left pane. The program will guide you to the link view of the created project.

Step 2 - Importing Links
Click the Import button on the Links window. Paste all "http://" started links to the box (each line for a link) and click OK to close the dialog.

Step 3 - Checking Links
Click the Start Checking button on the Links window.

Step 4 - Creating Reports
Click the Refresh button on the Reports window.

Step 5 - Saving the Project
Click the File->Save menu or click on the disk icon on the toolbar.


This getting started manual gives you a brief overview of the Link Checker features, benefits and some related conceptions. The purpose of this page is to get your list up and running as quickly as possible. If these instructions are not clear, you can always learn from other topics in this manual for more detailed information.

Enjoy now!