Frequently Asked Questions



Q. What is a SMTP server?

An SMTP server is a program that receives e-mail messages from the e-mail client program and forwards them to their destination. When you send messages from your e-mail program, they are not delivered directly to the recipient. Instead, they are first downloaded by an intermediary, i.e. an SMTP server, which then ensures that they are sent to the right recipient. Every time you send a message, there are four factors involved in the exchange:

1. Your e-mail program in which the message was generated
2. SMTP server which forwards the message to its correct destination
3. Remote server that receives the message from the SMTP server and from which the recipient will subsequently download it
4. E-mail program of the recipient which downloads the message from the server.

Q. Do I need a permanent Internet connection to use the program?

No. Email Marketer works with any Internet connection. It will also work if you are connected to the Internet via modem and dial-up networking. In that case, it can, if necessary, connect to and disconnect from your ISP automatically.

Q. How fast does Email Marketer send?

There is no short answer to this question. There are many variables that affect message throughput, and since sending a piece of mail requires that you communicate with the recipients mail server, some of these variables may not be under your control at all. Sending email involves at least four distinct variables:

Each of these variables contributes to the overall speed of the sending. Any of the variables has the potential to slow the things down to the point where sending bulk email is absolutely impossible.


Q. Can I send out emails without SMTP servers?

Yes. Email Marketer's "direct delivery mode" doesn't use your mail server or your ISP's mail server. Instead, It connects and sends messages to the mail server of the recipients' address. For instance, a message from is sent directly to instead of This takes the load off of your mail server and speeds up message sending significantly.
Note: If your ISP (or firewall) blocks TCP port 25, Direct Sending won't work.


Q. What is Multi-SMTP-Server delivery mode?

Of course, you can also use one or more of your SMTP servers to deliver your message. This mode supports multiple SMTP servers and can automatically balance the load between these SMTP servers.


Q. What is mixed delivery mode (Direct delivery with backup SMTP server)?

This delivery mode sends messages directly at first, if the direct delivery fails, then Email Marketer will use the backup SMTP servers you assigned to send the message again. With this delivery mode, you can avoid overloading your SMTP servers as well as improve the sending success ratio dramatically.


Q. If I assign more than one SMTP server to an email campaign, how will Email Marketer use these servers?

If you assign multiple SMTP servers to send out your messages in "Multi-SMTP-Server delivery mode" or "Mixed delivery mode", Email Marketer can automatically balance the load between these servers. For instance, if you have 1000 messages to be sent and you assign 10 SMTP servers to do the job, then each server will handle about 100 messages. This feature takes the load off of your SMTP servers and speeds up message sending significantly.


Q. What is the benefit of letting Email Marketer periodically sleep during mailing process?

Some mail servers limit emails one IP address can send during an amount of time. To cope with this, Email Marketer introduces a special delivery mode which can periodically slow down Email Marketer's fast email sending in order to allow slow Mail Servers to "catch their breath". This optional feature can help avoid overloading the slow mail servers and improve the sending success ratio dramatically. Note: Email Marketer is the ONLY bulk email software with this feature at the present time.


Q. I have to stop Email Marketer during of the mailing task. Can I resume the task?

Yes. You can stop a running mailing task at any time. Email Marketer can automatically recover the interrupted mailing and resume where you left off.


Q. Can I resend the failed emails?

Yes. Once you've finished sending your emails, you can easily resend the failed emails. Some emails cannot get delivered not because the email address is invalid, but because the Internet offers many impassable obstacles:

Resending the failed emails can improve the sending success ratio significantly.


Q. Is Email Marketer a multithreaded application? If so, how many threads can I create?

Yes, Email Marketer is a multithreaded application. You can use up to 512 threads to send out emails simultaneously in the both Personal or Business Edition. Using multiple threads to send out emails can speed up message sending. However, if you have a large number of threads, it can also hurt performance while the OS switches between them. The more threads you have the more memory your app needs.


Q. How many connections should I use to get the best results?

To set the "connections", click the Option and Performances button at the Publish tab and set the Thread count to the desired value. That should increase delivery speed if you have enough bandwidth. To get the best results, use


Q. Email Marketer tells me "Error loading personalization script engine", What should I do?

Please make sure you are log on to your computer either using administrator account or your account has administrator right to launch the software.

If the error still exists, your script control for Windows may not properly installed.

We recommend that you reinstall the control which could be downloaded at: