Emails not being received

Step one

  1. Use a valid email address in Mailing Accounts, bounce address. Some ISPs now accept email only when the sender address contains a valid Internet domain name.
  2. Don't use commercial language which may be inadvertently trapped by spam filters:
  3. Make sure you're not trying to send through an AOL dialup connection. AOL blocks mail programs other than its built-in one.

If this s not working

  1. We suggest installing a free, easy to use SMTP server on your own server.
  2. In Email Marketer Administrator, under Mailing Accounts, select the account and click Properties. Under SMTP Host, enter the server domain or IP address and SMTP account information.

If it's still not working

  1. Some ISPs block port 25, the port used by outgoing mail (SMTP), and require you to send via their mail server only. You can check with your ISP's support staff re: port 25 blocking.

    To use your ISP's mail server: In Mailing Accounts, choose your account and click Properties. Set the radio button to Send through external server. Click Settings and fill in the outgoing mail (SMTP) server your ISP has provided.

  2. Some ISPs now accept email only from registered mail servers. Registered mail servers have a fixed (static) IP address and a mail server registration (MX record). You have a couple of options:

    Without direct mailing: Use your ISP's mail server. In Mailing Accounts, choose your account and click Properties. Fill in the outgoing mail (SMTP) server your ISP has provided.

    With direct mailing: Get a domain name and register the PC as the mail server for the domain. This is called adding an MX record. Your ISP or domain registrar can help you with upgrading your Internet account to get a static IP address, a domain name and an MX record.

  3. A few ISPs require a reverse DNS record in addition to the standard MX record. Again, your ISP or domain registrar can assist you.
  4. Some ISPs limit the number of emails that can be sent per hour, even if you use direct send. Emails over this limit will time out with a can't connect message. Check with your ISP whether this is the case. If so, go to Tools / Preferences, change the connection/thread count to 1 and change interval between retries to 3 seconds or longer.
  5. Make sure your IP address is not on the same block of IP addresses as a blacklisted spammer. Popular blacklists include the MAPS RBL.