The Tools Menu

From the tools menu, you can change the settings of the application.

Free Trial Official Tracking Service
Requests an account and begins 30 day free trial of the tracking service provided by Nesox Solutions.

Email Marketer Monitor
Starts Email Marketer Service Monitor.

Install Email Marketer Services
Installs Scheduler Service and Subscriber Service to Windows.

Shrink Project
Shrinks and optimizes the size of a specified project file.

Protect Project
Protects the active project with a password.

Protect Software
Protects the software with a password.

Query MX Records
Queries Mail Exchange information by a domain or email address.

Multiple configurations can be done through this command. For details about Configuration Window, please refer to Configuring Email Marketer.

Backup Data and Settings
Backup mailing lists, projects and software settings.

Restore Data and Settings
Restores mailing lists, projects and software settings.