Personalization Script Introduction

Email Marketer can execute VBScript like code within the mail text while the emails are being generated. This means that you can control the contents of each individual email with your own programming.

You access the objects of the email by means of several Email Marketer script objects. As a result of this, you can:

This means that you will be able to manage the following tasks, for example:


You will need at least some programming skills of VBScript.

Nesox Solutions cannot offer any support for VBScript programming. We would however be happy to advise you of the available possibilities and to give you brief indications as to whether or not you can implement a particular request and how to go about doing so.

Inline Script Block Masking

A Script Block is masked by the following character string:

<% Script-Code %>

An e-mail can contain several Script Blocks and one global script. Any VBScript-Code can be specified within this marking.

VBScript Language Reference Guide

A language reference guide to VBScript can be found in the MSDN Library.
We have also attached a chm formatted reference in the installation directory.

Notes concerning protection of registered trademarks

The VBScript technology is the property of the Microsoft Company. Integration into this application has been possible thanks to the outstanding interfaces available with this technology.