Global Personalization Scripts

Global Script is a little different from the Inline Script, it is designed to give you overall control of the message contents.

With global script, you can easily send different attachments to different people, or send differently formatted message to different people. You can use your database to compute the name of the attachment to use. You can set up a computed field in your database that depends upon the content of other fields and chooses the name for the attachment. Then, you can attach a file from a field in your database.

Using the advanced scripting, you can treat the attachment filename as a string, and perform operations on it such as concatenation and string replacement. Email Marketer's attachment function is just a regular function defined in whatever scripting language you are using.

To edit global scripts, click Scripts from the project view header.

List Fields
This section lists the attribute fields located within the contact list of you have selected for this project.

The VBScript functions list.