Using the Mailing List Wizard

The List Wizard helps you to connecting to contacts from your existing list databases or files directly without importing. For example: CSV files, Excel files, Access database, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle and more ODBC / OLE DB compatible databases.

To start the List Wizard, click Mailing Lists on the left hand pane and click New List or Edit button.

Step 1 List Data Source

At the first step of the wizard you must select the type of file or database you will be using to create your list. The second step of building your list will be determined by which file format you choose to work with.

Step 2 For Using Email Marketer List Database

If you are using an Email Marketer List Database, you select or create Email Marketer built-in formatted list database.

Step 2 For Using Local Database File

For using local files, you may add or remove list data files for the list and define the file formats.

Step 2 For Using ODBC Compatible Database

For database link of ODBC, select or configure the ODBC connections and specify the user id and password to connect to list database.

Step 2 For Using OLEDB Compatible Database

For database link of OLE DB, select the data source including connection string, user id, password etc. Email Marketer provides the most usual connection string templates. Afterwards you can perform a database connection test.

Step 3 List Tables and Fields

For Local files and database link of ODBC and OLE DB list sources, an additional step is required. At this step, you make the settings for the list table, list email address field and list name field. You can also customize the query for the list table.

Custom queries are for advanced users who are familiar with using Structured Query Language for finding specific addresses in their database.

After finishing the wizard, a new list connection will be created and all list contacts in the list table will be loaded. To create a subset of the mailing list, please reference Creating Groups.