Editions Overview

We provide two editions of Nesox Email Marketer: Personal Edition and Business Edition.

Personal Edition

Business Edition

You can download the trial version of each edition of Email Marketer and try it for free before purchasing. So, you will get a good feel about how the software works and how you can benefit from it. The Trial Edition may be converted into a full (registered) edition by entering a valid registration key.

Edition Differences

To see which edition of Email Marketer is best suited to your needs please check out all of the features, which goes through the differences in depth.

Feature / Edition Personal Edition Business Edition
Mailing List
Build-in List Database with a Capacity of Mega
List Validation, Querying and Grouping
Various List Data Source Linking
Various List Data Repositories Linking
List Attribute Field Customization
List Importing and Exporting with Various Format
Subscribe or Unsubscribe via Email
Subscribe or Unsubscribe via Static Web Forms
Customizing for Subscribe and Unsubscribe Form
List Statistics Reports
Campaign Project
Project Management
Project Protective Encryption and Compression
Project Statistics Reports
Email Design
Rich Content Templates
Rich Style Templates
Embedded Media in HTML
Importing and Exporting
Spelling Check
Email Delivery
Multi Mail Account Management
SMTP Free Delivery
Concurrent Multi-Thread Delivery
Mixed Delivery
Message Preview before Delivery
Delivery Testing
Delivery Logs and Diagnosing
Delivery Retry for Failures
Scheduling Deliveries
Multi Language Support and Switch
Automatic Upgrade Checking
Real-time Tracking for Bounce Back Messages
Real-time Tracking for Message Open *
Real-time Tracking for Message Click *

* Works by renting or ordering the Email Tracking Service.